Jobs for Nature update 16 Feb 2021

Welcome back to your fortnightly WAI Wānaka Jobs for Nature update! This programme is designed to best assist you to achieve your on-farm environmental goals – whether it’s for personal interest, regulatory compliance, or industry accreditation.

We understand that pest and weed control is a big element of achieving biodiversity – but the other side of that is understanding the habitat and location of threatened species in our basin in order to help it thrive.

Fish Distribution Survey

As part of our Biodiversity and Freshwater Monitoring work, the WAI Wānaka Jobs for Nature team are carrying out a survey to complete the understanding of what fish live in what streams in the Upper Clutha catchment. If you’re interested in having sampling done on your streams, get in touch.

This information is for you to better understand the biodiversity of your streams and how to manage that accordingly. On a larger scale, WAI will have a bigger picture of fish distribution and how we might be able to work together to create management strategies for our threatened species, such as the Clutha flathead.

Copyright Rod Morris DOC

Pictured here is our ‘Nationally Critical’ Clutha flathead ‘Galaxias species D’ – Photo © Rod Morris DOC.

Endangered Species – Te Kākano Lunch & Learn

If you’re interested in the native vegetation on your farm or in the Upper Clutha more generally, Te Kākano are hosting a ‘lunch & learn’ session with local botanist Geoff Rogers.

Geoff will share his extensive knowledge on local endangered native species. What are the local endangered species and why are they endangered? Why are some native species thriving when others are struggling?

Wednesday 17th March – 11.30-12.30 @ Te Kākano Nursery. Click here for event details.

Photo credit: Te Kākano, Native broom

RMPP Action Networks – Funding extended for Action Groups

As you may have heard, Beef + Lamb NZ are offering extension funding for Action Groups. This funding is available for groups currently underway as well as new groups formed after 31st March. If you’re currently not part of an action group and would like to get involved, please get in touch.

These groups have proven to be a successful model around New Zealand, and this funding is to help ease the transition into self-funded groups. Click here for more information.

Photo credit: WAO reset summit farm tours.

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