1. What is the Jobs for Nature programme?

Jobs for Nature is a $1.3 billion programme of broad environmental funding from central government. It is part of the  COVID-19 recovery package. The programme is a cross agency programme including MfE, DOC, MPI, LINZ, PDU and One Billion Trees/Te Uru Rakau (TUR) and is intended to run for four years. 

The national Jobs for Nature programme aims to:

  • Provide up to 11,000 jobs and economic support for people and communities across Aotearoa, while ensuring environmental benefits. 
  • Get money and support as quickly as possible to people and communities to assist the COVID-19  recovery. 

WAI Wanaka has received $3million over three years (until June 2023) through the Ministry for Primary Industries Productive & Sustainable Land Use package to employ 15 full time equivalent roles to carry out work on-farms with environmental outcomes, including: 

  • Improved freshwater 
  • Improved biosecurity 
  • Enhanced biodiversity 

2. What work does the WAI Wanaka Jobs for Nature team carry out on farm?

WAI Wanaka, in consultation with local farmers, has developed a programme plan to deliver the following workstreams: 

  • Planting and plant maintenance
  • Rabbit control 
  • Other animal pest control 
  • Weed control 
  • Biodiversity and freshwater monitoring 
  • Carbon planning 

These work programmes have been designed to enable landowners to position themselves for upcoming regulatory and industry requirements, e.g. freshwater and carbon, as well as carry out practical work to add capacity and capability to current operations e.g. checking and maintaining rabbit fences. 

3. What is included under the funding?

As the fund was created to provide job opportunities post-Covid the funding is primarily for labour. For each workstream, WAI Wanaka provides trained employees to carry out the work, and landowners provide the materials required for the work involved. Using native planting as an example, the landowner provides the plants and plant protectors and the WAI Wanaka team plants them. WAI Wanaka can also provide access to experts for advice e.g. what native plant species are suitable for selected sites, and assist with plant maintenance for the duration of the programme. 

4. How do I apply to have work carried out on my property? 

There is no specific application process, and landowners can register interest, or get in touch to discuss a project, in a number of ways. 

1 – Fill in a relevant form here:

2 – Contact Prue Kane, Project Manager
phone: 022 677 8141
email: prue@waiwanaka.nz

5. What is the selection criteria for having work carried out on my property. 

To have work undertaken by the WAI Wanaka Jobs for Nature team, a project and/or site must satisfy the following: 

Requirements for a site and/or project

  • Project/work must meet the objectives of Jobs for Nature fund: improve freshwater, improve biosecurity and/or enhance biodiversity
  • Landowner must have, or be developing, a Business Environment Plan and/or relevant work plans e.g. pest control plan
  • Landowner must show commitment to ongoing work required to maximise efficiency or effectiveness of work carried out by WAI Wānaka
  • Landowner agrees to provide materials required to undertake agreed work at an agreed time.
  • Landowner must disclose to WAI Wānaka any other funding received for the work/project being undertaken
  • Project/work undergoes workstream specific assessment if required *
  • Landowner must sign MOU with WAI Wanaka
  • Work/project to be undertaken must be of a size practicable for the WAI Wānaka Jobs for Nature team

*There may be further selection criteria associated with specific workstreams. 

6. How do the teams operate on farm? 

Each team of five is managed by an on-site supervisor. We ask that landowners meet the team in the morning for a site induction outlining any health & safety issues and plan the day. 

The supervisor will manage the work and breaks – workers provide their own food and drink. 

The teams have 4WD vehicles suitable for on-farm. 

Supervisors are first aid trained and all team members have been trained in our health & safety protocols and emergency procedures.