Water Quality

A primary objective for the Upper Clutha Catchment is to maintain and improve water quality in lakes, rivers, wetlands and aquifers.

This means we meet the water quality targets with NPS-FM or Schedule 15 of ORC Water Plan (whichever has a higher water quality standard) for at least the following attributes: E.coli, pathogenic protozoa, water clarity/sediment, temperature, nitrogen, phosphorus, ammoniacal nitrogen, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, pH, dissolved oxygen and pesticides.

Why Water Quality is important

The concept of ki uta ki tai {from the mountains to the sea} is especially important in Upper Clutha, given our location at the headwaters of the Clutha River / Mata-Au. Those living in and visiting the area have a responsibility to ensure that the water that leaves the catchment is of a high quality, and that problems are not passed on to those downstream.

We can’t live without water to drink and it’s important that the water we drink is clean and safe from things like bacteria that can cause disease. We also use water to clean ourselves, our clothes and our homes.

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