Aquatic Life

The Upper Clutha community values the wider ecosystem health and maintenance and protection of native biodiversity of the catchments waterways, including wetlands. Aspects of ecosystem habitats and aquatic life that need to be managed in the Upper Clutha include:

  • Functioning fish migration
  • Healthy native bird population
  • Healthy native fish population, with vulnerable populations identified and protected
  • Longfin eel populations enhanced
  • Healthy game fish population
  • Natural aquatic vegetation
  • Healthy macro-invertebrate communities
  • Healthy benthic communities
  • Healthy planktonic communities
  • No new pest species
  • Existing pest species eradicated or controlled
  • No (unnatural) algal blooms

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Being a freshwater scientist

Latest news: November 26th, 2020

Melanie Vermeulen did a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Ecology. Her focus at the time was on palaeoecology and the ecological interactions that are lost with species extinction. For her thesis, she used ancient DNA analysis on moa coprolites (fossil dung) to look at diet and gastrointestinal parasites of the Little Bush Moa. How