WAI Action Groups

WAI  Wānaka is connecting landowners, local businesses and the community to work together to protect and enhance our ecosystem for years to come.

Catchment Group Coordination

With funding assistance from RMPP Action Network, WAI Wānaka has connected Upper Clutha landowners into Catchment Groups.  These groups determine their own priorities for each catchment, receiving a pool of funding to help with group facilitation and to provide access to experts, tools and resources. The science behind how the groups operate is based on a three year research project involving more than 75 farm business around NZ.

Business Environmental Plans

The CCP supports the development of Business Environmental Plans for all businesses and industries.  Similar to Land Environment Plans,  Business Environmental Plans help businesses to get started on the sustainability journey by understanding their own impacts, such as:

  • Water use
  • Discharges (including those into Council wastewater and stormwater networks)
  • Carbon footprint and mitigations 
  • On and off-site practices (e.g. sediment management on constructions sites, storage of hazardous substances)


ONE New Zealand

ONE New Zealand’s mission is to educate, inspire and enable New Zealand communities to accelerate towards a Carbon Zero future and beyond. The ONE Summit is a six day annual event held in the Southern Lakes District. Visit the ONE New Zealand website for more info.

ONE New Zealand aims to:

  • Increase the speed at which communities can become Carbon Zero 21st Century communities.
  • Mainstream sustainability to foster thriving, diverse & interconnected environments, communities and businesses.
  • Advocate and raise awareness of climate justice, bio-sphere & environmental rights.
  • Increase community cohesion through establishment of partnership and collaboration networks.
Action: Get involved as a volunteer and make sure you come along to the next Summit.

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