Protecting our lakes and rivers.
Wānaka and surrounds, New Zealand

Our action plan

Our catchment, the mighty Upper Clutha, covers a total area of 4,600 km2.

Our action plan is called the Community Catchment Plan (CCP). It’s yours and it’s mine. It’s also our shared roadmap to improve and maintain the long-term health of the wider Upper Clutha’s freshwater. It identifies risks to the health of our waterways, gaps in our understanding and actions we need to take in order to mitigate the effects of human activity on our aquatic ecosystems.


We have a number of exciting projects on the go, all aimed at helping maintain and improve the quality of our waterways. See below for more information and how you can get involved.

Who are WAI Wānaka?

WAI stands for Water Action Initiative; we’re a community group set up to safeguard and improve the quality of the water in and around the broader Upper Clutha catchment.

We share knowledge about our precious alpine waterways and the real impacts of human activity on water quality, and work alongside our community to take action to mediate those impacts.

Follow your Water

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